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Sleep Science: What Happens When I Sleep?


    Track your sleep patterns from bedtime to morning!


    • Family Member(s)
    • Sleep Journal
    • Clock


    24 Hours – 1 Week


    1. Take the interactive Sleep Science Module to learn about what your body does during sleep.
    2. Have a family member take photos and/or video of you throughout your sleep cycle. Document findings.
      • What is your body position and facial expression? Does it change?
      • Which sleep cycle are you in? How do you know?
      • How many hours of sleep does your body need? How many of hours of sleep did you get?
      • Were you sleepy at bedtime? How long did it take you to go to sleep?
      • List the activities you did (eat dinner, watch TV, read books, etc.) an hour before you go to sleep.
      • How did you wake up (clock, person, by self, etc.) How did you feel when you woke up?
      • Do you remember any of your dreams?
    3. Watch a younger sibling or child sleep. Document findings
    4. Track your daily sleep patterns for a week.
      • Did you get the same amount of sleep each night? More sleep some nights than others?
      • How did you feel when you got more/less sleep?
      • What changes can you make to get a better nights sleep?

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